Friday, December 08, 2006


I thought of getting associated with Heritage structures of Bengal when I would become free from my professional life.

Now that my contract with DCIPS will not be extended , I shall have time before I settle down to a new routine.

Three weeks ago, when I came to Kala Mandir with Ruby to attend to the function of physically-challenged boys and girls organised by Syoumen's wife, I noticed the small signpost of West Bengal Heritage Commission in a building opposite to Kala Mandir.

I went there on 6/12/06 to explore the set-up , found out an office-room and couple of chambers housed on the first-floor of the State Archive building and met the two officials available . I expressed my interest in this area and was advised to come on any Thursday afternoon to meet their Chairman to discuss any possibility. Chairman of WBHC is an eminent person.... Dr Pratap Chandra Chunder . He is an old man , but , his background does invite respect. LF government of WB , reportedly, is the first State government in India to enact an Act for Heritage and chose a non-Left person as the Chairman.

The meeting went off fine , with the prospect of getting assignments in two areas from WBHC.First is the documentation of an identified building, when one will take photographs, find out old building plan or prepare a new plan by taking fresh measurements and write a submission stating why that particular building will be tagged a 'heritage building'.

Second area is monitoring the progress and quality of wok of restoration , which is normally done by panchayats.

I believe that I can be of use in other areas too. I can prepare POWERPOINT presentations to be made to Industrialists for fund and contact IIT-Alumnis for help.

I shall be truly happy if things progress in the right direction .It will be the plan Ruby and I are drafting for her paintings and boutique.