Friday, November 02, 2007


What is more exciting ....... a rise to a stature far above average OR a comeback , after a drop from the pinnacle ?

I was reading an article in TOI about 'Comeback' efforts in the Pop music world of Western world. The BIG names .... Britney Spears, Whitney Houston,the Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls.

And , then this question came to my mind.

In my opinion, Sourav is the biggest example of a 'COMEBACK' star. The way he scored to make his mark in the test at Lords . And, this come-back when the Coach was hostile, the captain forgetful + spineless and the selectors indifferent.

My score @

On 01/11/2007, I crossed 4500 viewers mark for my site :

I thought that it will be benchmark for my flickr site. So, I thought I should record this event with a joyous note. I have 163 photographs and 102 contact on this day. I have 7 photographs which have made to the 'EXPLORE' category.

My photos in EXPLORE till end-August,'07

Since I have been active in flickr, I have gained some good friends . Eduardo Amorim of Brazil, Loken Roychoudhury and Kanad sanyal of Calcutta are among them.The association with photography and flickr have added to my circle and my 'brand name' too.

I have certainly got some ideas for better photography.What I need now are a few sessions with experts of Photoshop.

Satyendu Sanyal, my friend from IIT days , wrote that I have developed a way of capturing and presenting those scenes which are around us and often overlooked....... 'dekha hoi nai chakshu melia'.

Now , I look forward to a score of 7500.