Friday, November 02, 2007

My score @

On 01/11/2007, I crossed 4500 viewers mark for my site :

I thought that it will be benchmark for my flickr site. So, I thought I should record this event with a joyous note. I have 163 photographs and 102 contact on this day. I have 7 photographs which have made to the 'EXPLORE' category.

My photos in EXPLORE till end-August,'07

Since I have been active in flickr, I have gained some good friends . Eduardo Amorim of Brazil, Loken Roychoudhury and Kanad sanyal of Calcutta are among them.The association with photography and flickr have added to my circle and my 'brand name' too.

I have certainly got some ideas for better photography.What I need now are a few sessions with experts of Photoshop.

Satyendu Sanyal, my friend from IIT days , wrote that I have developed a way of capturing and presenting those scenes which are around us and often overlooked....... 'dekha hoi nai chakshu melia'.

Now , I look forward to a score of 7500.

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