Saturday, July 29, 2006


I was waiting for her,
She knew that I would be waiting.
I waited ... hours past the time agreed.
I waited heels dug in the hot sands of tomorrow.

The only crane of the lake across came and asked me:
Would I care for a couple of fishes.
May be he was moved by my patience and yearn.

I smiled. But, I declined.

The only sparrow around sat on my shoulder.
He found it steadier than a branch of a tree.
He asked me : why I have not moved an inch in hours .

I smiled .But, I did not reply.

And..... then she walked past me.
She was in a hurry.
Is anyone waiting for her at the end of this road?
Someone who waited for longer than I have?
Or she wanted to meet God before He melts away .

The only ant around crept to my side ,
He told me :I have wasted my time;
Now I should go away.

I wiped a tear.
A loser's tear.
And ... then I started my walk back .
Into the shadow of the eastern sky.

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