Thursday, January 11, 2007


'My experiments with words'... blog of Mr Shashidhar. His pseudonym is VIRTUAL . But, he is a very real person with his sensuality . A quote from his poem :

Rain Rain

Wash out the lust in me
And cleanse my soul
With desire-less
Between entwined legs
And writhing souls
Fighting for a space
In the chaos
That is mind.

I remember a person with whom I developed a kind of friendship in NITIE Campus. It was 1984 0r 85. We both were between 35 and 39 years . He told me, while sitting on the bank of a lake in the night, he was getting drawn towards sattwik bhaba , giving up non-veg food habits , but was disappointed that his wife was not falling in line with him and that he was still sexually attracted towards his wife . I told him that he could explain the merits of his beliefs to his wife , but, cannot force his ways on her ( I always believed that life would be less interesting if all the people were alike ) and told him as explicitly as possible ( menfolks are shy about discussing intimate sexual details) that his wife had right of expecting sex from her husband . I felt that my friend was unhappy because his sexual urge which was very natural at that age !!

After a long time , I came across similar feeling in Shashidhar's poems! Read this one :

A rock solid thought
Plunged deeper
Calming with its force
The waves, the water, the earth
And the fire

Lake opened itself
Felt the rock submerged within
Unlocked the deep-set desire
And merged with the consciousness
The space within the thought
and its own deepest desire."

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