Sunday, March 25, 2007


Well, I was told that life will be very boring if one does not go to Office.
But , I knew that family and hobbies are what support you when suddenly office-going stops !!

Flickr, camera, the work for Subrata Chanda and most importantly , ttob project have helped me a lot. I hardly felt the void . And ... the family has given wonderful support.

And , I feel great that I do not have to work with people like DB ,BD or PG .

Only thing I feel bad about is that : I cannot make my outstation trips with my camera now because of the heat of March2August sun. Certainly , a visit to Bankura and Birbhum is not in my agenda now. But, my writing can progress.

A great thing will be brush up my knowledge of : Photoshop, MS Project, MINITAB & Six Sigma and learn a bit of : Coreldraw/Pagemaker, HTML (Elementary) & Web hosting,PRIMAVERA
during April and September,'07.

I hope , by year end, I shall be a content writer too.It requires a lot of brushing up . While I am writing messages and mail, as well as prose in ttob, I have lost a bit of my flair and vocabulary.

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