Monday, July 30, 2007

Damodar temple @ Bahirgarh,West Bengal (India)

Restoration of Damodar temple , dt: Hooghly, WB
During 18th and 19th centuries, a no of terracotta temples were built in Bengal (currently West Bengal state of India and Bangla Desh) some of which are quite beautiful. Not only that the terracotta panels have artistic value and religious importance, but also they portray slices of social life of those days. Some of these temples have been restored through Archeological dept of Government.... you can see a panel from one of these temples among my posts : .Yet there are many more temples which need restoration and each monsoon eats into the life of these temples, heritage of our state.
A few days' ago , I visited the Archeological Museum of Bengal, located in Calcutta in connection with some work I am doing on terracotta when I learnt from Mrs Sumita Guha Sarkar ,an Executive of this Museum , that she is a member of a NGO named 'Aishee' which is engaged in restoration of a terracotta temple ( Damodar temple @ Bahirgarh, district Hooghly, West Bengal) built in the 18th century. The cost of restoration , estimated by a professional colleague of hers is Rs 200000/- which is approximately $5000/-.
On learning about my interest in terracotta, she and other members of 'Aishee' have requested me to appeal to persons who are intersted in this form of art for suport for their endeavour. I write this blog on behalf of members of 'Aishee' addressing to persons interested in this form of art.. I shall seek the Reader's help in two counts :
#Can you please help 'Aishee' through your like-minded friends , associates and colleagues ? Even if only 20 persons contribute $20/- this 'cause',the contribution add to the local support for the budget for restoration of this temple.
#Can you please help by suggesting other avenues for raising support for restoration of this temple? Please view my page @ Orkut (
to go through 'Aishe's brochure.

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