Sunday, May 28, 2006

Death of Arjun Chakrabarty

Arjun was dead quite a few months before before he actually passed away.

Arjun joined DCIPS , Calcutta -- my current employer-- thanks to his brother Bidhan's clout in the company. He did not work hard. Was not good at work. Drank a lot when he was at Ramagundam site ( when I was transferred in June ,04 to head the team Palash Majumder left behind ) . When back home , he continued to have the problem of addiction. His bloated physique invited aversion. He progressed towards death slowly and surely. But , the recognition of the harsh reality was not there.

I do not know how his family faced this downhill journey of Arjun. I feel sad for them. His only son was in classX when he was admitted to hospital for failed liver. His studies and the tug-of-war with death continued through this crucial year of this boy's academic life. More than a Lakh was spent by the family and the Company to bring him out of danger. His liver was in a very bad condition and and could be partly 'repaired' with a 'shunt'. He came back to office for a few days.He was so weak that he used go around with a 'chadar' over his shoulder to combat the airconditioning of our Office.

His immediate family will now have to struggle for survival. It will be an uphill task for the widow and the teen-age boy. With Bidhan around, some help will probably be organised. But , nothing can fill up the void left behind by Arjun .

And the plight of the mother who is still alive!! The worst curse in a person's life to survive his or her child -- whatever be the age.

I pray for Arjun's family. And hope others with deadly habit of alcoholism will avert the grim end through good sense --- for their own and families' sake.

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