Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I was to return from Gandhinagar to Calcutta.after 3-days long meetings with customer.

Saturday morning brings the news that the direct flight that evening has been cancelled! 'Will you please wait till Sunday evening' !! What an option offered ! A direct phonecall to IA ( now Indian ), however, brought some comfort - I was offered a seat by 9.10pm flight to Mumbai , a free hotel bed in Bombay and early morning flight to Cal.

But, life would not be that simple!!The flight to Bombay was late by an hour. Reached Bombay at 11.00pm Hotel at mid-night. A bath was a must . When I went to bed after a brush ,a shave and a shower, it was 00.57am !!

Next morning was eventless. Normal boarding. No delay . Poor AC, crowded cabin on a sunday moring , that too in an Indian flight, .... nothing much to report.

Drama was waiting for me at arrival. I got up from my seat a little late . Exit through front only. A hand-bag on the locker above my head .... collected the same.Bag containing my laptop, notebooks and credit card case was on the locker on the opposite side,4-5' from line of sight. AND .. it was not there.My heart kept on beating .. it should have missed a few!

Reported to the Air hostesses, the Security person on the turmac below the ladder, another Sp in the lounge and finally to the the Duty officer of the Airport Authority.The chain , fortunately, ended there. Another security guard was sent to the plane .. with me in the tow. I was not allowed to leave the lounge ... I waited in the lounge. I was sure that the the bag was taken away by a person by mistake. I insisted for an anouncement when I reported the case the Duty officer of the AAI.

But , the actual event was different.

The security person returned with my bag and I identified it and the issue was closed with relief/smiles/thanks. The bag was reportedly in the cabin.When it was discovered,I wonder, why the Air hostess did not report it to the appropriate person in the arrival lounge. She knew I was looking for the same........ Very likely , the bag was left somewhere in the cabin ,or, probably handed over to the Air hostess by a passenger while taking out his baggage from the overhead locker.....HOW CAN A PERSON BE SO FORGETFUL !

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